The city is in the process of codifying our Ordinances into a searchable format. For now, Ordinances will be posted individually.


Ordinance 2020-01 – Water & Sewer Rates

New Rates structure for 2020

Ordinance 2020-02 – City Administrator

Updating portions of the City Administrator Ordinance

Ordinance 2020-03 – Lot Size Regulations

Amends Zoning Code to Change R-1 Zoning to 55 foot by 100 foot lots except on corner lots)

Ordinance 2020-04 – KDHE Loan

Authorizing the submittal of application for financing Public Water Improvements

Ordinance 2020-05 – Traffic Control Device and Markers

Amending the Traffic Ordinance to allow the placing of Traffic Control Devices

Ordinance 2020-06 – Emergency Appropriation Ordinance

Authorizing the payment of bills in the event of a public emergency

Ordinance 2020-07 – Amending Section 12 Open Records

Amending section 12 of Open Records regarding fees charged

Ordinance 2020-08 – Sewer Reserve Fund

Authorizing the opening of a Sewer Reserve fund to finance sewer improvements

Ordinance 2020-09 – Amending Environmental Code

Amends Environmental code to allow the City Administrator to designate a public officer to enforce the environmental code

Ordinance 2020-10 – Rezoning

Rezones land owned by Countryside Frontenac, LLC for expansion of their business

Ordinance 2020-11 – Vacate Unopened First Street

Vacates a portion of unopened First Street adjacent to Countryside Storage

Ordinance 2020-12 – Vacate Alley

Vacates an alley adjacent to Countryside Storage

Ordinance 2020-13 – STO

Adopts the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities as published by the Kansas League of Municipalities

Ordinance 2020-14 – UPOC

Adopts the Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities as published by the Kansas League of Municipalities

Ordinance 2020-15 – Building Permits – Inspections

Adopts by references, certain building codes, inspector duties, and fees for permits and inspection.

Ordinance 2020-16 – Commencement of terms of office

Establishes the date in which elected officials take office.



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