City of
Frontenac, KS


One of the Mount Carmel Mines, formerly the Cherokee and Pittsburg Coal and Mining Company, located in the Frontenac area.

Festa Italiana 2014
Date: September 20, 2014
Location: Frontenac Sports Complex

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The Festa Italiana is a fund-raiser hosted by the Frontenac Education Foundation. The funds are used to provide scholarships for every graduate of Frontenac High School that attends a post-secondary school. Also, due to the great success of the project, some money is also being used for equipment and Grants in Frontenac schools.

The Festa Italiana is held at the Raider Sports Complex once each fall. Festa provides a great opportunity for people to celebrate their heritage and show what made southeast Kansas what it is today. Many cooks and major vendors help out each year by providing food, prizes and live music for all. The different foods include traditional Italian, Mediterranean, French, Mexican, American, Greek, Slovenian, Italian-Cajun, Bohemian, German dishes among others.

Nearly 3,000 people attend Festa yearly as the Foundation sets a money raising goal. Activities included more food samples than ever, Kids Zone where the varsity athletes work with the kids and do activities including face-painting, football toss and sand art, Mario's Market which features a silent auction, and a live auction.

To date, the Foundation has raised over a half million dollars.

More information can be found by visiting the Foundation website at