There are currently two Grant opportunities related to COVID-19 relief for businesses and organizations in Frontenac. The first, which goes by the acronym SPARK, can be found at and is being administered by Crawford County. There are three different funding categories for the SPARK funding; Reimbursement, Direct Aid, and Small Business/Nonprofit. Please visit Crawford County’s website for information on this program.

The second grant opportunity will be administered by the City of Frontenac and goes by the acronym CDBG-CV, which is a Community Development Block Grant related to COVID-19 relief. The City of Frontenac was awarded $132,000 for this program and will be used to provide funds to businesses which employ low to moderate income employees. Funds may be used for business owners to pay for working capital such as wages, utilities, rent, etc or to purchase inventory needed to reopen. Details on this program are still in the works. Please check back on this page for more information.

*updated August 5, 2020

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